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Dear: Concerned Citizens The youth of Mach-7 are trying to raise $5000.00 to be use towards our 2002-2003 seasons. Mach-7 is a local track club and mentoring program. MACH-7 continuously provides alternatives to school violence and teen suicides through mentoring, tutoring, and athletic opportunity to children in North Central Philadelphia and surrounding areas for over two decades. MACH-7 is primarily a mentor program, but on another level it is an extended family for over 100 youth, ages 7 to 21. MACH-7ís main goal is to steer the young people of North Central Philadelphia and surrounding areas away from the negative influences that are present in our areas. The members of MACH-7 attend their weekly after school program and participate in community service together. Older members are encouraged to act as mentors for the younger participants. The lure of the track team keeps many of them away from other, potentially damaging, activities. The children on the track team reflect the demographics of the neighborhood. The 1990 U.S. census reported a median income of $10,547 for our neighborhood.85 percent of the households in this neighborhood are headed by single parents. MACH-7 tries to broaden its childrenís horizons. Therefore, members go on as many field trips as MACH-7 can afford. The group takes trips to other places, not sports related, such as the Philadelphia Zoo, and the African-American Museum and frequent visits to college campuses. MACH-7ís expenses generally consist of track equipment and transportation for field trips and to meets. Our top priority is computer literacy, and steering our youth towards a higher education. Athletic helps to keep them on the path to the ultimate goal. Please make check payable to One Love Inc. 2208 N, Gratz Street Philadelphia, Pa 19132. Sincerely, Lem T. Oliphant Head Coach/Founder Happy Holidays