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Mach-7 stats over the years for the
Event: 4x100 meter relay
Usa Youth Track & Field Qualifying
Standards : 1.01:sec flat for 9-10 Boys, 55.1 sec flat for 11-12 Boys
see our results below for 95 to present.
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MACH-7'S 9&10 4X100 RELAY
1995 - 59.9 second flat- 58.2seconds flat -57.5 seconds flat & 55 seconds flat.
MACH -7 11&12 4X100 RELAY
1997 Squad A members N.Hayes, M.Stevens, D. Wilson, J.Hargrove their time was 53.2 sec flat Squad B members T.Beckett, D.Horton, K.Stoner, B.Robinson 53.57 sec flat.
This is was the first competition for these little guys together ever.
Their time was 54.6 in bad weather.
Congratulations to D.Brown-J.Green-B.Hinton-L.Johnson
Most recent news for Mach-7's 11-12 4x100 meter relay, They take 1st place
at The United Age Group Coaches Associations Championships held on the campus of Lincoln University.June 3rd 2000. waiting for time to be posted.
Most recently mach-7's 4x100 meter relay team R.Barr-J.Edney-D.Wilson-D.Horton Won the Championships on June 2nd 2001 with a first place time of 45:74 This was there first time running together.Congraulations.

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