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Mach-7's is in the zone !

Welcome to the zone! hope your in good spirits.
This page will give you more information about our program.

If you have questions for us please send them via email. at or

Mach-7 offers a postive enviornment.
We are a very disciplined family. We stress repect for one another,self,Authority ie parents teachers,elders.

We introduce basic skills in track and field and incorporate life skills as a part of the over all goals.
Motivation, Achievement, Confidence and Honor with these skills you can succeed in all you aspire and work hard for.

We focus on sprints and relays because sprints take individual efforts mind body and soul and a strong will not to give up despite not being succesful all the time.

Relay: Because it teaches unity and the desire to get it right togethe. in the relay you must be united. this teaches social skills because one break in the chain and dissapointment is soon to follow. the relay also makes you want to work harder to help the teams as a whole.

Please check back with us frequently as we updated our site
weekly. Mach-7 15& 16 year old 4x100 meter relay just won The United Age Group Coaches Association Championship held at Marcus Foster Stadium on June 3rd 2001.

We hope to update this page often with new photos. Please be sure to email us


Mach-7 is bringing out the talents of our youth

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