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 further reading on egyptian culture 





Egyptian Homes

Villagers lived in cramped villages with narrow streets near the tomb sites or farmlands.Their houses were made out of mud and chopped bricks.

Clothing and Jewelry

Fashion for men and women which were poor wore the same clothing worn made of linen and it
was very light weight in the hot climate.

Wealthy people wore broad collars made of gold and precious stones linked together which
hauled from the back of them.Ordinary people wore necklaces made of brightly colored pottery


In Egypt the women spent all their time bathing and rubbing oils into their skin.

Food and Drink

The Egpytian basic food were bread and beer. These items were made from the crops they grew
which included wheat and barley. The cooking was done by the wives at all times. Meat had to be
put in storage.

Egyptian Art famous for

They are famous for there art which was made in the same style or by a code that called a
frontalism.A frontalism means that the head of the character is always drown in profile while the
body is seen from the front.