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Pyramids (Egypt)-Large stuctures with four even triangle like shapes meet to make a peak on top or the structure there were 7types of cilivazation the built pyramids. But the people of egypts seem to stand out because of their size.The anceint egyptians built over 10 different recored royal pyramids between the times of 2630bc. to 1530 the largest pyramid was the one built for King Khufu

What is a pyramid?

The purpose for pyramids were to serve as tombs for kings and queens.They wre also places for religious prayer after after an great leader died there body was carefully wrapped and preserved as a mummy the pyramid where the mummy was placed, was thought to be a place of passage to the afterlife. Preist in nearby temples, performed rituals for the spirit and body to remained linked after death. Between the periods of 2575BC. to 2134bc. Egyptian artist carved heiroglyph on the walls of the burial chambers- heiroglyphs were anceint writings that also gave good fortune to the decents in afterlife.


The interior of the Great Pyramid is complex. The most important room is the king's chamber. In this room the priests left items that all Egyptians would need in the afterlife.

The entrance of the Great Pyramid was set 55ft.above ground level. It was intended to be used when special scaffolding was erected. Once the scaffolding was dismantled, the entrance's height served as a security measure against tomb robbers. About 60ft. from the pyramid entrance, the descending passage intersects another corridor, now sealed with three large granite blocks.

The ascending passage runs upward for about 129ft. The walls of the unfinished Queens Chamber grow they rise and they meet at a single point at the cieling .This form results from each level of stones in the walls projecting slightly outward from the level beneath it.

At the upper end of the Grand Gallery, a rectangular room faced entirely with red granite. Shafts lead out of the Queens chamber but are blocked after 213ft.


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